Panel fences

From creation to ask – “turnkey”

Jurval company engaged in the production, representation and sale of all types of fences, such as panels for fencing of family houses, villas, schools, kindergartens, sports facilities, commercial facilities and various industrial plants.

In addition to our panel fences are affordable, durable and aesthetically good design, panel fence offers from Jurvala characterized by simple installation methods that are environmentally friendly to the environment.

Also, we make fences and doors in all sizes and shapes.
Gates and fences can be a metal and wood composite fillings.
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Technical Specifications and Features fence:

  • Produced unique way of welding wire. The wires have a diameter of 4, 5 or 6 mm. The opening of the eye is a 5 x 20 cm. Such a network structure is almost completely prevents climbing fences.
  • Wires used in fences are galvanized (40-60 gr / m2 Zn) or hot dip galvanized (450 to 500 gr / m2 Zn).
  • Standard galvanized (40-60 gr / m2 Zn) panels are coated with electrostatic powder (80-120 microns) in all colors from the RAL table
  • Panels encrypted electrostatic powder and baked at 180 ° C have a very long life span.
  • The colors used have UV protection which guarantees long-lasting color.
  • All plastic accessories have UV protection and are made of polimidne plastic that is resistant to heat, so that the color of these parts to be stable.
  • All steel screws we use are electro galvanized and have a coating for corrosion protection
  • WARRANTY panels and pillars 10 YEARS
Paint / Coating:
  • electrostatic powder coating
  • Standard colors that we have in our warehouse are RAL 6005 (gray) and RAL 7016 (anthracite gray). All other RAL colors are also available on request.
  • Wood pallets

Fields of application
Panel fences are used for fencing of family houses, villas, schools, kindergartens, sports facilities, commercial facilities and various industrial facilities and many other applications.

Types of placing fences

Installation on a hard surface (concrete):
  • The columns must be arranged at 252.5 cm from center to center and partially attached to the concrete wall using steel dowels.
  • Panels fences are connected with couplings.
  • After you install the panels, pillars must be equally balanced and steel dowels must be completely attached.
Installation on a soft surface (land):
  • Holes with a diameter of 30 cm and 70 cm deep and spaced 252.5 cm from center to center
  • After setting up the pillars in the holes, they can be fixed with a few pieces of stone.
  • Fencing panels are connected to the panels with clamps and screws samouvrtnih.
  • After installing the panels, pillars must be balanced and then we fill the hole with concrete mixture.
  • That the fence would not tilted or weakened, is fixed by means of wooden poles until the concrete has hardened.
  • When the concrete dries move to wooden poles.
Each customer can, with a few tools and good will, set your fence, but we recommend
our team of experts for installation to work odratiti professionally and in the shortest possible time.